Selling tips



As your fundraising partner we want to make sure your experience selling the Ad Cards is fun, easy, and profitable for all of your hard work. There are only 3 simple steps necessary to sell all of the Ad Cards in just a few short hours. 

Step 1:  Explain your cause very well

People want to rally behind great causes in their community. The first thing you need to do is explain why you are asking for their help. Your Ad Cards will have your cause(s) listed on the outside of the card. Place the Ad Card in the hand of the potential buyer and explain to them each cause that their hard earned money will go towards.

Step 2:  Show them the value of Ad Cards

In order to get family members and others motivated to donate to your cause and buy an Ad Card, they want to see value. Basically, they want to know how you will help them for helping you. To tap into this human nature, your next step is to build the value of what they are getting in return. 

Our team has spent a lot of time preparing the ads for your fundraiser. We focus on your town's mom and pop businesses. We don't allow small discounts on our Ad Cards. Instead, we drive each business to step up and provide deeper discounts than they usually offer. This builds better value and makes your customer happy to donate. 

After giving your potential customer a few moments to look over the 32 local discounts on the Ad Card, ask them this question:  Which coupons are you thinking of using? 

Step 3:  Make them buy with logic!​

As your customer starts telling you which coupons that they are thinking about using, count the headline savings for each coupon that they tell you. If it is a headline savings that says $17 or $22 on it, just round the math to $20. Keep adding up the total as they are exploring the 32 different coupons that are displayed on your Ad Card. 

Once they finish telling you about the coupons that they would use, it is time for them to logically buy with 1 last question. Say this:  With the coupons that you mentioned,  you would save about $__. Do you think it would be possible to help us out with the $__ donation?